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Working Effectively in Cross Functional Teams


This is another course organised by Nielson and Norman Group. Nancy Dickenson who used to work for eBay and Apple is an extremely humorous and spirited speaker. I've learned immensely about my own communication style and how to adjust it to work with other types of styles.




Good leaders support people below them, they mentor and ask the right questions.


What happens between functions of the business if there's no cross-functional team

Set up a cross-function team that works with UX professionals to strengthen teamwork and collaboration; to improve the organisation environment, team leadership, team problem solving, and team relationships.


A representative from each function of the business should come together as a cross-function team to communicate, collaborate and innovate.

This team would often be temporary and resourced as a team for a particular purpose, each person contributes a skill-set. They maybe members who have never worked together before and are usually from different ranks and experiences.

The cross-function team would serve to:-

  • Bring the greatest ideas to market
  • Realise the speed and agility required to keep up with the rate of demand
  • Ensure the best ideas become reality

How a UX professional can help team leaders:-

  • Assess their knowledge of UX and help them gain working knowledge of UX. Help them connect the dots.
  • Help leaders ask the right questions about UX strategies, processes, methods, and benefits
  • Be empathic