Lizzie Teo





Tim Power

Co-founder, Education Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator

Sydney, Australia  l  E-Learning

Lizzie is a rarely gifted graphic designer who I had the honour of working with for more than 8 years up to January 2016 at Mathletics (3P Learning). The quality of her work was second to none, from brand development, right through to product design. More recently, her design passion took her into UX development, and bringing her design aesthetic to understanding the community of users and their learning journeys. Lizzie oversaw brands which grew from mere ideas to large global online communities - a sustained track record of success. 

Lizzie is sincere, hard-working and steadfastly loyal, and would be a great asset for any team.



Mark Oxbrow

Head of Product Design at 3P Learning

Sydney  l  Australia Broadcast Media

Lizzie always brings passion and creativity to work. Her natural laid-back style puts children, teens and adults at ease during UX workshops. Lizzie's evidence gathering, insights into user thinking and unpacking of customer journeys are incredibly valuable. Highly recommended.


Mahboob Mahmood

CEO at Knowledge Platform Pte Ltd

Singapore  l  Information Technology and Services

Lizzie is a highly talented graphics designer and can grasp complex concepts very quickly and render them into graphical expression with facility. At Knowledge Platform, she was progressively given more and more freedom to conceptualise graphical solutions. We entrusted Lizzie in taking a lead role with a number of our important clients (including Singapore Tourism Board, VISA Business School, Bank Mandiri, Emirates Airlines and Baskin Robbins International) and she did exceptionally well both in terms of her quality of work and her responsiveness to client requirements.
Over the past several years, Lizzie's scope of responsibilities broadened considerably. She concentrated on client accounts and worked directly with clients to assist them in conceptualising their visual approach and our instructional designers to set the design style and guidelines and creating templates for multiple projects. In this capacity, she both led graphics team members to deploy the style and guidelines and interfaced with technology team members to implement technology requirements. She has demonstrated substantial conceptualisation, leadership and communication skills in this work.
At a personal level, Lizzie has many admirable characteristics. She is sincere and has a great capacity for self-improvement. She tends to develop strong, long-lasting relationships. In my dealings with her, I have been impressed with her maturity and seriousness of purpose.

Puja Anand

A world class Learning Designer and a Business Leader

India  l  E-Learning

Lizzie demonstrated a strong flair for information design. She has also demonstrated an understanding of instructional design and how to best represent a concept visually. As a result, she works independently and requires minimal direction from instructional designers or project managers.
In any situation, I have found her to be willing to extend herself and propose the design after considering all important factors. For example, she proposed a visual design for a Japanese client after taking into account various cultural and business influences. The final design was very well liked by the client.
Although Lizzie is by nature quiet, she possesses outstanding communication skills. These skills were very handy and thorough in her documentation. She has also actively participated in company-wide initiatives