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World Maths Day


World Maths Day




In my previous role as a Graphics Manager, I had the opportunity to design the iPad app as well as managed all promotional work for the world's largest online education event, World Maths Day.

This app was specifically designed for millions of students in schools and homes around the world to compete in an exciting live 60 second races against one another; and to answer maths questions as fast and as accurately as possible.

Creative Fields: Tablet, Web

Created: January 2010

Project Duties on App

  • Conceptualised and illustrated navigation and overall app design to suit the desirability needs of Students

  • Collaborated with Programmer to meet creative requirements and work within technology guidelines


Leadership on Promotional Work

As a Graphics Manager, provided leadership to a team of Animators, and Graphic Designers in conceptualisation and development of:-

  • Web design
  • TV advertisement
  • Print materials for Sales and Marketing


To manage the project and ensure accurate and timely implementation of design solutions; to monitor consistency in branding and quality; to mentor the graphics team.



An app that Students loved as well as the successful delivery of all promotional work within a compressed timeline.

login page.png

What I learned

  • Given the chance to design this again, I would separate the various sections of login, results of levels and the hall of fame into 3 separate screens, so that it's less overwhelming for the younger age group of students.

Students could choose to play against computer or other students in the world


The maths question screen, completing against other players.


The student's results of the last game and past scores.