Lizzie Teo

Secondary Student Mathematics Platform


Secondary Student Mathematics Platform




A feature used by High School Students to complete Maths Activities assigned by teachers. Students were assisted in learning the Maths topics through videos, e-books and a step-by-step support screen.

Creative Fields: Tablet, Web

Created: January 2013

Project Duties

  • Champion UX value to the business
  • Interviews, Focus groups with Stakeholders and Users
  • Collation and analysis of findings
  • Improved on Product Owner's organisation of content and layout of feature. 
  • UI Design


To introduce UX to Product Owner and Programmers; to steer the project toward a User-Centred development process.


Kicked started User Experience in the corporation; involved Stakeholders in UX research sessions with Users. 

Designed UI ― improved navigation design and set visual guidelines.




Interviewing a teenager and convert findings to empathy map

This informed on the gadgets that teenagers used; if they look at videos to help them in their homework; as well as needs to using the Avatar System linked to this platform.


Student's journey on studying for an examination

This informs on a teenager's journey in learning Maths Topics and preparing for an exam ― how he got started in his preparation; his needs and frustrations practicing on paper versus on an iPad; and how he went about getting help when he couldn't answer a Maths question.

A Maths Question

A Maths Question

Answering a question /  Expanded view

Answering a question / Expanded view

UI Design & Interactive Prototype

I improved and designed the prototype based on the brief given by the Product Owner. If given the chance to adjust the work process and start anew, I would have preferred to start with low fidelity prototypes using sketches rather than diving into completed designs. This was so that we would be less invested in the chosen ideas and be able to iterate fast with paper prototypes


Support ― Step-by-step Guide

This section assists students in learning the topic. Easier, Medium and Harder allow them to test out varied levels of difficulty.